I had Elements 11 running on my computer and decided to give Elements 12 a try. After installing Elements 12 on my computer, I double-clicked a jpg file name and Elements 11 opened with the photo visible and ready to edit. I associated a .jpg file with Elements 12 but it still opened the photo in Elements 11.

I have a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit computer OS. I uninstalled Elements 11 and rebooted. Using Open With, I associated the Elements 12 PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe with a .jpg photo. "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" was checked. Elements 12 opened with no photo visible.

I even went into Control Panel, selected Programs, then Make a File Type Always Open In a Specific Program and associated .jpg with PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe. When I double-click on a .jpg file, Elements 12 opens (in Expert mode--which I normally use) but with no photo. When I double-click the file name again the photo now appears in Elements 12 but in the Quick mode.

Am I going to have to tweak something in the registry to get this to operate properly?

Thanks for your help and time.