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    OK to install Microsoft Works Suite 2003 on my new computer?

    I have the CDs for MS Works 2003 and have only installed them on my XP computer. I am not an intensive user of Word, so don't need to be completely up-to-date. I would also like to continue using the calendar. Would these run without problems on my Windows 7 64-bit machine? And do I need to do anything special in installing?


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    The Office equivalents work fine, I have SR-1 Pro 2000 and it's just Outlook that's pretty hopeless for certain types of accounts. The word processing parts work fine; I'm not familiar with the Works calendar and what may be required there.
    I wouldn't do anything special when installing but afterward I go into the properties of those old programs and switch the runtime compatibility mode to XP SP3. For some I don't know if it has any affect but for a couple it makes them run better in Windows 7. Cyberlink Photodirector 3 (or is it 2011, I forget) is one of the programs for example that doesn't run well or at all in 7 until put into XP SP3 compatibility mode. Then it runs just fine.

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