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    Excel 2010

    New to the board and thanks in advance to all for any help. Ok so here's my problem. I have two worksheets in my workbook, both setup as tables. In worksheet 1 (Order-Form), I have two values I need to compare to a table (BalanceChart) in worksheet two (Balances). The first value on worksheet one which is the lenght will match exactly, however for that value that may be up to10 rows that match. The second value on Sheet 1, which is the weight, will need to match the closest number out of the 1-10 rows but will most likely need to round up. Once it finds the number on that row it will need to return a value from yet a third row on the same line. Sound complicated enough lol? I hope I explained it well enough. I will add this to hopefully help explain it:

    Worksheet 1 (Order-Form, Column T is length, cell T4= 21", Column V is weight, cell V4=20 lbs.
    Worksheet 2 (Balances) Table (BalanceChart) Column A is length, there can be up to 10 weights for a 21" part but none are for 20lbs, there is one for 22 lbs.
    Formula needs to be able to match WS1,T4 to W2,A column.
    Find all rows out of that first part that match T4, then match WS1 V4 weight to B column and be able to round up 22 lbs.
    On worksheet 2 column C is the part number that matches a part 21" with a weight of 22 lbs and that part number I need to be returned to the cell on W1. Whew

    This might be easier. If I show the actual names and rows/columns/worksheets?
    Worksheet 1=Named "Order-Form"
    Lenghts="Cell T4"
    Weights="Cell V5"
    This formula "Cell X4".

    Worksheet 2=Named "Balances"
    Table Name on Worksheet 2="BalanceInfo"
    Length="Column A"
    Weight="Column B"
    Part="Column C"

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks again

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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster!

    It would be most helpful if you could post a sample workbook with some test data. This will make it much easier for us to help as we will have a better idea of what your actual data looks like.
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    Here is the link to the spreadsheet thanks

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