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    Kaspersky AV Software

    Yesterday, my girlfriend was attempting to renew her subscription to Kaspersky AV software.

    The software has served her needs, so she wanted to stay with it. To renew the software, she went to their webpage, but it didn't seem to work for her, so she called their 800 number.

    The woman she spoke too, though, was giving her a real hard sell - it felt like a real high pressure sales pitch. Kaspersky wanted $79.00 for two PC's. Next, the saleswoman asked if she had a tablet (my gf does have a Kindle HD) and cell phone and tried to sell her software for those devices. Then tried to sell her a rescue disk as well (I thought this was just a free download, actually.) So, of course, it went into a discussion and the price kept increasing. Then the saleswoman asked for my gf's credit card over the phone.

    At this point, she said she'd have to think about it. Thus ended the phone conversation. No decisions were made.

    I've used TDSS killer and liked it, but it's freeware and generally, Kaspersky seems to be highly rated software.

    So, now, we're kind of turned off by this and interested in alternatives.

    I use MSE, which is fine and I've good luck with it. And my gf is good at discriminating what she should/shouldn't click on. Her daughter's not as discriminating, so there should be something decent on the computer.

    Professionally, I've had good luck with McAfee, but I've heard it's not the best.

    So, is my gf's experience with Kaspersky typical? What's a better alternative as far as a decent AV program goes? Or, should she stick to Kaspersky? If so, is there a better approach without getting pressured?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I buy my security software online, always with no interaction from anyone. I also never heard or read about situations similar to your girlfriend's.

    I usually recommend what I use and I have no doubts recommending Emsisoft AntiMalware as a top notch AV and Antimalware solution. It is usally high ranked in comparatives, features two independent detection engines and a behavioral detection feature, which means it can even protect you against zero day threats, which is something not all AV apps do. It is an excellent AV app.

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    I have had great luck with AVG AV 2013 Pro. I do not generally use the suites, just the AV portion. I also use MalwareBytes Anti-malware Pro which seems to play very well with most AV apps.

    I had a similar experience with Symantec (Norton) security suite several years ago, which just turned me right off toward that product line. I will not go back.
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