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    Exclamation Give specific program admin access

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a VPS Server running Windows Server 2008 R2 standard. I have admin access and I have created a standard user account.

    The application run in standard account. I wanted to do the following:

    - Grand 2-3 application admin access or at least Run them as administrator
    - The applications should have right to change system time.

    I did make changes in group policy and allowed the standard user to change system time. Does this also allow applications to change time ?

    How can I allow app to either run as admin or access their specific program files folder to write anything there ? When I right clicked and said run as admin they ran but nothing was prompted or different happened. The apps give error when closing as they do not have permission to write in their respective program files folder.

    Please help me out here.

    Thank you,


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    Your app seems to have been written in an insecure way that hasn't been appropriate since the introduction of Server 2003. It should be writing data to the %appdata% path (Documents and Settings\%usename%\Application Data for 2003 or Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming for 2008). Is it an internal app or third party? If third party, you may be using an old version and should be looking for an upgrade.

    In principle, if the user has permissions to change system time, then an app they run should be able to do the same, if that is one of its functions; but there might be an issue with how the app is trying to do it. If it doesn't conform to current application security standards, it might also be using an outdated method to access system time.

    The 'run as administrator' option in Windows 2008 can be misleading. It will run something in an admin context if you have admin privileges, but makes no difference if you don't. It won't prompt you for admin credentials.
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    Changing system time on a server is never a good idea, especially if it's a domain member - you will not be able to login. The server will inevitably reset the time at some point and that may upset your program.

    cheers, Paul

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