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    Corrupted WordPad exectutable?

    This is a strange one. I had previously saved a WordPad document (with a default font) to my Windows Desktop. Whenever I want create a new document with that particular font, I choose Save As which leaves the original file blank again for the next document.

    I recently Copied some text from a webpage and Pasted it into my Desktop WordPad, but I noticed that some HTML formatting was still present. I can't remember exactly what I did (apart from deleting the text from WordPad, and Pasting it into NotePad to remove the formatting), but I do remember clicking 'Save' on the WordPad doc.

    But now, when I open up WordPad.exe from the Start Menu etc, the HTML formatting is still there. WordPad now has a double-line spacing instead of just one line. I can get round the problem by opening up a saved WordPad file (with an .rtf extension) deleting all text, enter the new text, and using Save-As on the new document.

    A System Restore didn't cure it, neither did the System File Checker. I searched on the web for 'WordPad download' without success. But how could I have corrupted the WorPad exectutable?
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