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    What Bios will allow Win 7 (not just Win8)?

    When I buy a new motherboard, I want to be sure I don't get forced into Win 8 by the BIOS, like I did when I recently bought a laptop. I was just looking at NEWEGG's mobos. Some talk about the BIOS but don't say if it will run Win 7 or must run WIN 8 like my crappy laptop.

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    With traditional BIOS you can pretty much run whatever you want.
    It's more the UEFI standard where Windows 8 can be locked, but there are work-arounds.

    With any typical laptop one might expect a more limited BIOS or UEFI than in a full ATX motherboard.
    You should still be able to disable secure boot in the laptop and then install W7.
    With the desktop board all you'll need to do is decide on whether to get BIOS or full implementation of UEFI and take a close look through the specs.
    Decide whether your're comfortable with it or not. You are not locked in or out of anything.
    Windows 7: UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
    How to Downgrade Windows 8 Preinstalled to Windows 7
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