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    Access 2010 - sub-reports - is there a way to hide duplicates on a sub report?

    I have a very complex report which has multiple embedded sub-reports going under differing grouping levels. Hence, if I have a project with an issue there are groupings under Project Headings and Issue Headings, as well as detail (Issues level). Where there is a sub-report on the detail line, the sub-report shows the same data line after line (obviously), and there seems to be no "hide duplicates" function applying to sub-reporting as it would on a straight field-to-field report.

    anyone have any tips or tricks to avoid this as it makes my otherwise elegant report look like a dogs breakfast and confuses people on the totals.

    Much appreciative of any help.


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    SubReports are basically small reports that are contained within a master report, so if you want to hide duplicate values, the simplest way is to use a query that only returns unique records as the data source for the subreport. It may be as simple as displaying the data source in query form and turning on the unique values property of the query. If it is more complex than that, post the details of the data source, and we will do our best to assist you.

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