The Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows (UBCD4Win) has been around for a lot of years, but doesn't seem to have been updated recently. In any case, by the description, it appears to be something that I can use. I downloaded the most recent version I could find (3.60) and went through the .iso build process. All seemed to go smoothly, but when I boot the CD it has some problems. I'm hoping there is someone out there that is familiar with this that can help.

During boot-up, it gets to a point where you can select the shell you want to use and then it hits the wall. After a long wait, a message appears that says: \Programs\Nu2Menu\nu2menu.exe not found. After clicking OK, I may get the error message: Runtime error '6' overflow. Or, the last time I tried it I got: X: \Programs\Nu2Menu\nu2menu.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

I am using a copy of my original WinXP OEM disk that has been slip-streamed to include SP 2 & 3. SP1 was on the original disk. During the installation of the UBCD4Win download, it did a checksum which was OK. As I said, the build seemed to go smoothly and in the end, it said that the .iso file was successful. I'm trying to boot it on the same XP system on which it was created.

I guess the big question is: is this app fixable, worth fixing, or a dud?