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    I found a solution for MTP-USB driver does not install

    For a year - after one of the updates of Samsung KIES - I could not connect my Samsung GT9001 to my PC. MTP-USB driver failed to install.
    On the forums of Microsoft , the MS people say you have to contact Samsung etc. and Samsung (but e.g. also Nokia) says : contact MS. None of the forums or help-desks provided a solution.
    Then on the Dutch MS forum, I found a tread about a Canon-camera, that uses MTP-USB.
    there was a work-around:
    1 remove the problematic failed app, if it is in "hardware"
    2 remove all USB controllers
    3 Des-activate Windows Media Player
    4 reboot (the usb controllers are reinstalled then)
    5 Reactivate Windows Media Player.
    It seems that WMP installs a MTP-USB driver in this case.
    and yes it worked !!
    (we will see what the next Samsung KIES update will do
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