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    Google = Blue Controls All Else = Silver ones Huh?

    With one exception, all of my apps, and all Win7 sys apps, display only silver window control icons, as in the first image. However, when a window opens for Google Chrome, the window control icons are initially blue, as in second image. But wait! There's more! Seemingly randomly, Windows will show the blue icons written on top of the silver ones, as in third image. Or, just as randomly, Windows will display blue icons with silver ones written on top, as in fourth image. And also randomly, the Goog window might go back to only the blue icons. With the Goog, I never see only silver icons. If a "top" icon is moused over, the "underneath" individual icon is immediately rendered on top, regardless if we have the blue on top of silver schema, or silver on top of blue one.

    If that isn't strange enough, there are other possibly related oddities which have appeared. The Last Pass password manager has stopped working properly when signing in to several gmail accounts. Forums say that Google knows about the (recent) problem they seem to have created. Also, the Last Pass toolbar icon has disappeared, but the extension is enabled and is working perfectly. So, I now have no access to my account controls.

    And, there's more! The Google window randomly, when maximized, forgets that the Windows task bar exists, and part of the window is written underneath the task bar. Unfortunately, I keep the task bar on the right side of my screen, so the window control icons are now completely covered, save for the tip of the blue minimize button (because the blue icon "close" button is extra long, see images). When the Goog window is restored, the controls are hidden again, so it appears that closing the window is impossible, since a "close" icon is never visible. F11, esc., nothing will shrink what looks like a full screen display. But there's even more! If I grab the task bar (which I now leave unlocked) and move it to the screen bottom for a fraction of a second (and without releasing the mouse select button), then move the task bar back to its original position on the right, Windows now seems to remember where the task bar is, and when the Goog window is again maximized, its right edge is no longer shoved under the task bar. Thankfully, this random bizarre behavior appears rather rarely.

    I sure hope that re-installing Windows 7 is not the only workaround for this particular bug. If the way Google opens a Windows 7 window for its Chrome browser is the origin of the problem, a re-install will likely be a waste of my time anyway.

    Some images had to be shot with a camera, as starting the Windows snip tool would alter the Goog window control icon appearance. I'm sorry that the images show in an odd arrangement, but I find no controls on the forum to allow me to arrange them in the order they were uploaded.

    Any ideas about this very strange mess will be very much appreciated! A bunch of Google searching has failed to find any help for me.
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