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    Problem with Nitro and web based PDFs

    I have been using the Foxit PDF reader, with no problems. Recently I attempted to upgrade it from 6.06.0722 to 6.11.1031, but no luck. It seemed to install OK, but every time I tried to use it, it would crash. Deleted and re-installed several times, always the same. I reported the problem and sent the dump and log files, but so far no response.

    So then I thought to give Nitro a try. Downloaded and installed it OK, it would open local PDF files correctly, and it looked good. Then I received an email with a PDF attachment, tried to open the attachment, and the file opened using Notepad. I could see that the file name was correct, but of course Notepad could not display it. So I went to the temporary folder where the PDF file was stored ((in my case \Temporary Internet Files\OLK3) and opened it from there - it opened perfectly into Nitro. Some time later I was browsing using FF 25.0.1, and clicked on a link to a PDF file. Once again, the file opened in Notepad. I tried it in IE, same result. I checked the File Associations, and sure enough, PDF files were set to open with Nitro. For some reason, Nitro would open PDFs which were local, including in a temporary internet folder, but would not open PDF attachments or links - for some reason which is beyond me, these were defaulting to Notepad.

    I deleted Nitro and reverted to Foxit 6.06.0722, and the problems went away. Foxit opens local files, email attachments and browser links equally well. I would like to use Nitro, because to me it looked much better, but not if it will not open attachments or links. Can anyone please explain this behaviour?

    Running on XP SP3, all up to date. (For the moment .....)

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    I can't explain that. I am using Nitro and have been for a couple years and it works very well. I even like the attachment plugin, that allows me to fit the document to the available space and everything.

    Nitro has a lot of components, so if you have any security software that may block them, that can be something to check. Other than that, maybe a try a reinstall.

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    In FF, check under Options, Options, Applications. See what is available for PDF files. You should be able to use your chosen PDF Reader either opening in FF or opening in a standalone version. I have chosen to open mine in the standalone version.

    PDF FF.jpg

    PDF-Xchange Editor also interfaces with IE very well in my PC.
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