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    Angry Problem with detail block repeating on report

    I am running Access 2010 but using an older .mdb file that I have had for a long time.

    The report in question has a page header (PH), one group header (GH), detail section (DS) which contains some text and three sub reports (TXT, SR1: not on all reports, SR2, SR3), group footer (GF), page footer (PF). When I run the report the group header and detail start properly on the first page but sometimes portions of the detail section repeat themselves.

    It seems to consistently happen on certain values in the GH, and not on others regardless of whether there in one, two or ? pages.

    So one GH value for will be generated as PH, GH, DS: TXT SR1 SR2 SR3, GF, final PF
    The second GH value will be generated as PH, GH, DS: TXT SR2 TXT SR2 SR3, GF, final PF
    The third GH will be PH, GH, DS: TXT SR2 SR3 TXT SR2 SR3, GF, final PF
    The fourth GH will be PH, GH, DS: TXT SR2 SR3, GF, final PF

    The data being used in the group header as well as the Sub reports is always unique ie duplicate values are not allowed in the tables.

    So what is causing the details to be duplicated? All objects are set to Can Shrink and Can Grow and the detail group is set to Keep Together: NO.

    Any suggestions of what to look for would be appreciated.

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    I would take a hard look at the record source for the detail section - from your description it appears that the TXT part is repeating for some values of the Group Header. Without more detail on the actual report design, I can't make any more specific suggestions.

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