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    Pattern identification


    How can we identify patterns in numbers using excel formulas? I have also attached some numbers as sample and I am looking to find out the pattern of them.

    Appreciate your help.


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    Some general thoughts:
    Plat the data. Since you only have one set I presume that they are regularly pulled and a line chart is sufficienct. If not taken at regular intervals, you need the pattern of intervals as the X and they plot as an XY

    After viewing the data, ask yourself if you see an obvious pattern [I do not in this data set].

    There may be trends and the data could be fit to some model. Look to see if there is a theotical model or if not try some curve fitting to interpolate (excel has many different types that can be used, all with plusses and minuses.

    I see nothing in the data that would give me any confidence in future predictions..

    If this were some kind of production output, I would be investigating what may have changed around the time of point 15-25 where the average increased and the variability between points increased.

    My interpretation is that you have 2 random distributions of data: points 1-around 21, have one average and 1 Std deviaiton and a second distribution after point 21 with a higher average and a much large std deviation...

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