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    Outlook 98 disappearing e-mail

    After years of using Outlook, I have recently started having the strangest problem. I will click "Send/Receive" to pick up my e-mail (I'm on a dial-up line, 56K). The dialog will tell me that it is receiving (say) 4 messages, and the progress bar will show them being received.

    However, only one message (for example) shows up in my Inbox.

    At first I thought it was some Rule I had set up, so I deleted all of my rules. No help.

    Then I figured I had filtering turned on, but I checked. Nope.

    I ran the Inbox Repair Tool. I haven't tried receiving messages since then, but none of the "missing" messages reappeared, which wouldn't be strange except....

    Every once in a while, after I receive (some) of my e-mail (and the rest disappears)... a message will appear farther down in my Inbox, with a date indicating that I "received" it a week ago. And, in fact, it was a message that a friend had told me she had sent, but that I had never received. All of a sudden, days later, "blink"... there it is.

    Is that weird, or what?

    I'm running Outlook 98 (8.5.6614.0) on Windows 95 SR-2.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Outlook 98 disappearing e-mail

    The problem seems to have rectified itself. I think that my experiments with the Inbox repair tool paid off.

    Yet another symptom in my list of weird things that Outlook sometimes does....

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