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Thread: Asus rt-ac68u

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    Asus rt-ac68u

    I have just installed an ASUS AC68U router between my main business router (a ZyXel USG-20w) and my cable modem. (If you want to know why, scroll to the bottom.) So the WAN port of the ASUS is plugged into the cable modem (Internet) and the WAN port of the ZyXel is plugged into a LAN port on the ASUS. While the router is now giving me very good protection against outside attack, it is filling the logs on my ZyXel with multicasts. One every two minutes. Defeats part of the reason I bought the ASUS - I try to monitor the logs on my ZyXel and it's pointless if they are mostly full of the multicasts.

    I have gone through the ASUS control panel in detail and I cannot figure out where to turn this off. I can find multicast settings for the WiFi, but not for the LAN.

    If anyone is familiar with the ASUS, could you tell me how to turn of these multicasts on the LAN?

    Or is there some other name for it that I should be looking for?

    Or is some other function of the router causing these multicasts - and can I turn that off?


    ===========The Back Story: Why did I install this router?==============
    I have an ancient Linksys router in the Winter Palace which was left over from previous use. I leave it attached to the network for the use of a tenant who watches the place while we are in the Dacha. Last summer, our phone quit working and it turned out to be old equipment. When Cox upgraded my cable modem, they apparently locked my account to the MAC address in that router. When I returned to the Winter Palace in mid November and plugged in my ZyXel router it would not connect to the Internet. So I just plugged it into a LAN port on the old Linksys router and went on my merry way.

    Then a week or so ago we started having strange interruptions of service. I looked at the logs on my ZyXel and saw that we were under very intensive attack. My brother is a network security guy working for a government contractor so I called him. He said that the type of attack I was seeing was of a type that if left alone they would eventually break in, but suggested that I replace the Linksys with a modern firewall router. It was Thanksgiving evening so I couldn't get a high quality one but he assured me that any current model home firewall router would probably do the trick. I went down to Frye's on Black Friday (I never go out on Black Friday!) and bought a NetGear router.

    Boy was that a mistake. It shut down the attackers flat, but would not allow the IPSEC packets from our VPN to pass. My experiences with their support techs (who did not even know what a VPN was without looking it up) told me that NetGear is not the kind of supplier I want. When I finally did determine that their extremely modern and capable router really doesn't pass IPSEC packets I knew I had decided correctly.

    But their router did hold off the attackers while I did some research on other routers to replace it. I decided on the ASUS as it seems like a very competent router which I can even use as a backup if my ZyXel goes down. I will also move my tenant's hard wire onto it and his cell phone so he won't have any access to our business router at all.
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