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    Smart quotes in textbox

    I'm using Word 2010 with Win7, and I have smart quotes turned off in two places in Word's Autoformat options, and that works fine when I'm typing quotation marks into a Word document. (I just get straight quotes.)

    But I have a userform with a textbox and I use what I type in the textbox for Word searches, and Word is insisting on converting quotation marks to smart quotes in the textbox.

    I realize I could write some VBA to re-convert the contents of the textbox before I perform the search, but is there a way to prevent Word from messing with the textbox input in the first place?

    I'm pretty sure Word XP didn't do this.

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    In Word 2007, there are a few places you can go to turn off autoformatting. When you click Autocorrect Options, there are five different tabs to choose from. I always go to all of the tabs and turn off autoformatting in all of them, to make sure that I'm covered.

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