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    I use EaseUS Todo Workstation (version 5.8) on 2 computers, it's loaded with features. Version 6 is even better, having all of the support for Windows 8.1.

    It is often offered at promo pricing at around $28USD, one simply needs to sign up for their promotional offerings by visiting the EaseUS site, or registering when installing an app such as EaseUS Partition Master Home. I receive at least one weekly email from the company.

    Support is fantastic, with fast response times & there is also a support forum. For instance, I had an issue with upgrading from 5.6 to 5.8, it was fixed inside of 2 hours. Updates within the same version (currently 6) are at no cost to the customer.

    Like Acronis, WinPE is built into EaseUS Todo Workstation (hence the huge 200MB download), one has 2 options to create images outside of the Windows environment. First, it can create a WinPE ISO to create a rescue/backup CD, or Flash drive (those 1GB SDHC cards works well too), secondly one can activate PreOS, which adds an entry to the boot options.

    It is also great for cloning to SSD's, there is the option to check to optimize for SSD, which will ensure partition alignment & greater success of booting the 1st time w/o the need of other tools. Though with any such operation, this isn't 100% guaranteed, but has performed flawlessly the 3-4 times that I used the clone from HDD to SSD function.

    I always keep the 1st backup taken after installing & updating a newly installed OS, after defrag and a virus scan with the ESET Online Scanner, but before installing other apps. It's optimized to work with IE, but there's also a downloadable version that can be saved to scan other computers with & can be removed after scan, though it consumes no resources when not used. Keeping this 1st image of the computer can give anyone a clean or "bare bones" install of their OS in much less time. Plus w/o apps installed, they can be installed fresh, rather than upgrading them possibly years old.

    These 1st backups, I keep on a separate HDD to prevent possible deletion, as EaseUS by default will only retain a certain number of images, though this setting can be changed. By keeping these critical disk images on a separate HDD, these type of accidents shouldn't happen. I have a partition for each computer on this HDD for extra safety & also image that HDD when another image is added.

    Note that I'm not employed by EaseUS, it's just that I've have great results with their software, which does have a money back guarantee.

    My System Specs: MSI Notebook (OEM Win 7 Pro x64) Dell XPS 8700 w/Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahlen View Post
    I have question. Where can I find a CD with Windows XP Professional with SP3 and includes all the latest MS Updates? It is taking Hours to use Microsoft Updates to retrieve the updates after installing Win XP Pro SP3

    Thanks for your help

    Bob Wahlen

    *** Personal Info Removed ***
    Once you do all of the updates, it will be quick each day to keep up with new ones. There won't be that many new ones, because I don't believe that Microsoft is still supporting XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjimphelps View Post
    Once you do all of the updates, it will be quick each day to keep up with new ones. There won't be that many new ones, because I don't believe that Microsoft is still supporting XP.
    XP support won't be over until 2014, so XP is actively supported by Microsoft, patch wise, just like the other more recent OSes.

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    Same here with EaseUS, between 30 and 35 successful restores/clonings to Acers, HPs and Dells primarily, one failure only and that was a time out failure; never got started for some reason. I go smaller disk to bigger, bigger to smaller, HDs to SSDs and SSDs to HDs and most of the time I restore to completely different hardware so ToDo Workstation is getting a more stressful workout than the traditional image and restore of the same system.

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    You can use something like Nlite to slipstream the updates. This is the only update pack I could find the last one I did The problem is now it's to big to fit on a CD.

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