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    while in a Word 2003 doc - pop up saving as .tmp files??

    While working on a word doc. a message comes up and says it is trying to save as a tmp file. when an ok is clicked it saves it as a temp file and all information is lost. So I have 2 questions
    1- Is there a way to reopen the temp file and retrieve the information?
    2- Why would this be happening?

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    You do know.....that while you're typing in WORD, it's periodically saving your work for you, like in case of a power failure or hurricane. ???

    You can set how often that happens or turn it off all together. Don't ask me how. I seldom ever use WORD.

    But you can either Google it, or wait for a WORD expert to come on here and tell you how to do it. Eh?

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

    The Doctor

    PS: I just checked in my own copy of WORD, and the save settings are in:
    Tools > Options > Save
    Then just set it up the way you want.
    I hope that helps.
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    Open Word. It may immediately inform you that it has an autobackup file, and ask you if you want to recover it. If so, tell it that you want to recover it, and save it with a different name than the original name.

    If Word doesn't tell you that it has an autobackup file, then you will need to find out where it is saving its autobackup files, temp files, etc., and then look in those locations for any files which might be what you are looking for.

    Look in the Options screen. There, you will find out the default file locations that Word uses. Check them all for files that were saved at about the time you lost your file, and that are about the right size as the file you were working on. If you find any such files, copy them to another folder, then rename them to what the filename should be.

    Hopefully you will recover it using the above steps.

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