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    How to create a macro

    Hi, this is my first time using this forum or dialog message mode. I need help on how to create a macro which will pick up the heading style (which I created and called Heading 9 which is an Appendix heading style that automatically types in the title such as "APPENDIX A" automatically and remembers the numbering sequence for each subsequent Heading 9 style and if any Appendix has more than one page, its first-page heading style would carry over to the next page and would read as follows:

    Example: APPENDIX A Introduction, continued

    Meaning for each page thereafter (subsequent to the first page) should repeat the first-page heading 9 style with the comma and word "continued" added to the end of the heading title.

    I would like a macro to automate all of this so I won't need to type it out each time. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

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    First, this isn't a macro problem. It is a template, section and header problem.

    I assume that you have the style Heading 9 already in a document or template.

    You want a Section Break - next page or next odd page for each new Appendix. This allows you, if you want, to have separate pagination for your appendices. More important, it allows you to have a different page header (header, not heading). That header will have a StyleRef field to your Heading 9 style and the ", continued" after.

    When you want this in your document, you base that document on your template that has your Style 9.

    See and

    Start your Appendix with a section break - new page or new odd page.
    You then apply your Heading 9 style to the title of your Appendix. Then go into the header for that page. Make sure that the header is not linked to the previous section and is not set for different first page. Insert the StyleRef field referring to your Heading 9. Add the continued language because this is actually the continuation header you are making. Then click on the checkbox to have a different first page. The header you just created will disappear. It will appear when you actually have more than one page in the section. If there is an different first-page header that you do not want from the previous section, delete it.

    When you want another appendix, start it with the appropriate section break. Use a Heading 9 heading for the title. Check the header to make sure it is marked as linked to previous.

    If you want, you can save this as a template with one body section and one Appendix section and use it as the basis for new documents.
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