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    Hmmm. Lots more to consider. Checked out the Panasonic set quickly. Still trying to determine its usability on a PC. Certainly fits the price point and it looks comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Think I'm going to have to get hands on with some samples to get a better sense of what works for me.

    Found the Virtual Assistants site interesting - kind of Lounge for V.A.s! Thanks for the link.

    Also interested in the Bluetooth update from Catilley. It's amazing how much research you need to do to get something that fits your specific needs!

    Appreciate all the input and suggestions, as always.


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    Perhaps this would work:

    You'll need the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter I have listed above, in addition to this adapter.

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    As close as it's getting to Christmas & having just dropped $220 for a monitor (though on promo), those headphones may have to wait a month or so. Too, in January there's more promos ran, because many retailers are desperate for sales.

    However, the more I read into it, the more I see that Bluetooth may not be for me. As I stated, my sound card is Maxx Audio 7.1, from all of the headsets I've reviewed, it's going to be hard to find something to meet my needs. Wireless (USB receiver) likely won't get it either.

    I believe that I'll have no choice but to go wired for quality sound.

    If my usage were for office, that would be different. Never had any Bluetooth device before, saw this thread & my hopes were jumping at the thought of having a killer headset w/no wires.

    For some things, the old still applies today. Even wireless speakers doesn't get the same positive reviews as wired ones does, if so, they'd be stock equipment by now. The main complaint that I read is the lack of bass response.

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