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Thread: Status Bar

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    Status Bar

    Anybody know how to add details to the Word status bar? I'm looking at adding the word count.

    The versions I'm using are Office 97 SR-2 and Win98SE.


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    Re: Status Bar

    There isn't any way, directly in Word, to add content to the Status Bar. The Status Bar is not customizable in the way that other toolbars are.

    VBA provides only a simple means to put a message into the Status Bar. Using that, you could get a word count into the Status Bar using a macro like the following, but you would need to trigger the macro every time you wanted to see the word count:

    <pre>Sub DisplayWordCountInStatusBar()
    Dim lngWdCt As Long
    With Dialogs(wdDialogToolsWordCount)
    lngWdCt = .Words
    End With
    Application.StatusBar = lngWdCt
    End Sub

    Note: although technically StatusBar requires a string expression, like the MsgBox function it's 'type-lenient' and will accept numeric expressions too.

    For a much more ambitious word count add-in, see the article by Romke Soldaat entitled "Live Word Stats" in the current (Febuary 2001) issue of Microsoft Office & VBA Developer magazine.

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