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    Making Headers Repeat Title Page Info

    I'm working on a Word 2013 template in which I have inserted some fields that the prospective user can click and type things like the document number, the rev letter and the document date. Foolishly, I thought that if I created a bookmark and then inserted a cross reference to each of them in the header of subsequent sections where I need this info to repeat, it would work for me. I found however that when said user types these things in, it eradicates the bookmarks and I get an "Error! Cross reference not found!" in the header for each bookmark than no longer exists.

    So, I'm back to looking for a way to capture these items in from the title page for use in the document headers without having to retype them over and over again. Also, it needs to be as simple as possible as those that will be using the template don't have much experience using Word beyond opening it and typing what they want.

    Does anypody have a suggestion at to how I might be able to make this work?

    Bill Lugg

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    If you apply a unique Style to the paragraph containing the document number, the rev letter and date, a STYLEREF field pointing to that Style will immediately replicate any changes in the data, without the need for bookmarks. If you only want parts of the paragraph, or the content spans more than one paragraph, use a separate Style (character Styles for only part of a paragraph) & STYLEREF field for each.

    Paul Edstein
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