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    Unhappy Hard Drive Basic MBR and GPT

    I've been using EaseUS Todo Back Up to create back up images for almost a year. I finally had to restore an image and to my dismay I could not recover an image. Each time I used the WinPE bootable disk to do the recovery all went well until the last command to select the target drive. The drive which is the c:\ drive did not show up in the list of drives in the machine. I have been writing to EaseUS folks about this but no solution yet. By chance I noticed that while looking at my hard drives in EaseUS Partition Master the hard drive types are not all the same (Windows diskmanager does not show these differences). My System drive is a SSD, GPT type, something I never heard of before, and the others are all MBR. After poking around on line and seeing the difference between these drives it appears that this discrepancy may be why I cannot see the target drive in EaseUS Backup to make the image recovery. Right now I'm stabbing at anything that may begin to solve my problem. Anyone heard about this? Is it the different drive types that is the problem. Better yet, how do I do a work around? With the newer UEFI systems replacing BIOS on newer mother boards and supporting GPT type hard drives this kind of problem may begin to show up more often. It seems that Win 64bit on an UEFI mother board defaults to GPT type hard drives when they are installed new.
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    Which version are you using? I can only think that the PE emergency boot disc is not a recent enough version to see the GPT disk or the GPT disk is in such a degraded state that it cannot be used.

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    This is the page to manually get latest PEdownloader scroll down and make sure you get right one.

    I had this issue also because of the original HD in mine was a GPT so I got this error message testing windows recovery
    This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair.
    All I done was disable UEFI boot devices in UEFI options in bios.
    Recovery DVD would then work.

    I do not know if you can boot after changing this so you may need to set back to boot. I later put in a SSD and removed that GPT leaving bios the way it was. Older acronis I had didn't work with GPT at the time.

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