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    Security Update KB2883150

    So reading the October newsletter from Susan, this KB number along with a bunch of others were on hold and so i put them on hold. Now this months newsletter Susan has released this and to install this one along with others.

    So I noticed this and wondered if anyone else has too. So far for all my systems; I went and did a "restore update" and this one was listed on all of them. Each system then did a rescan and not only were the ones I restored were offered, but now the new ones for this month. But on this update something strange. After that I proceeded to install the released ones including this one; I got about 1/4 of the way done on my systems and called it a night.

    Today I went to continue updating the other machines and now this update (KB2883150) is now no longer offered on those systems where just 24 hours ago they were. So I tried something and went back to my systems I did yesterday; the ones that I installed this update on. I uninstalled this update, rebooted and then did a scan for updates again. Now it is not offered.

    So just wondering if anyone else is seeing this?

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    I'd installed the updates az-iz but after this month's I ran Disk Cleanup as an admin on the off chance that these had superseded any and following a search for the 2883150, it is no longer to be found - so guess it is no longer needed because of the this month's updates.

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    I just got done updating my Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit system and this update is NOT installed. HTH
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