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    Conditional statement??

    Hi, I'm not much versed in Excel but would like to do the following task. I have two lists side by side in Excel. In list 1 column a = date, and in adjacent list 2 column L gives the date. There is also an Id column in both lists, column B and M respectively. Column N where the date and Id are the same should return a value I want. Second list is not exact to the other one in dates or Id's. but because there are 60,000 lines, it's not going to be a manual fix! What I'd like to do, I think should look something like this, but doesn't work, obviously because I'm not writing the function correctly! Also, I'm not sure if I should be using If statements or lookups (which I've not learned). Can anyone help?? Thanks so much!

    =IF(($L2:$L60000=$A2) AND ($M2:$M60000=$B2),$N2)


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    Are you perhaps looking for something like this in row 2:
    =if(and($L2=$A2,$M2=$B2),$N2,"Not equal")

    And copy if from row 2 to row 6000

    If that does not give what you want I think you need to elaborate on what you have (perhaps attach an example workbook) and explain what you need.

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    I created a small table from the information that you have given and used the IF function for the comparisons. If I understand you correctly, you want a value to be shown in Column N when the dates and ID's in both lists match up.

    Make sure that the two date columns have the same format, and the the two ID columns have the same format.

    The formula that I have used is: =IF(A1&" "&B1 = L1&" "&M1,"Matching","0")

    Replace the 'Matching' with the value that you want to see when the cells match up, and the '0' with what you want to see when they don't.

    Copy the formula into cell N1 and the drag it down the length of your spreadsheet, and you should see the results that you require.
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