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    Access 03 - 10

    Good Morning,

    I recently upgraded two computers from Windows Xp/Office 03 to Windows 7/Office 2010. The two users both used Access 2003, they now have 2010 and try to work in the database and they cannot. The following error comes up, I have never used Access and am completely clueless. Any help is appreciated!



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    That error message is typically from a missing OCX control that is used on a form. Access 2003 included a Calendar control that is no longer supported in Access 2010. I would suggest you investigate that possibility, although there are others. If the Access database was developed by an external company, you might try contacting them. If it was done by an employee who is no longer there, you will probably want to hire a consultant. Chances are there may be an Access User Group in your area that you might try if you don't find someone the conventional way.

    If all else fails, and you have to dive in and quickly learn Access, Replacing the Calendar Control in Access 2010 Apps makes some suggestions on how to proceed. Post back with more details as to how and where the error occurs if you get stuck.

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    I agree with Wendell hat it is probably a missing OCX control.

    I have never used Access and am completely clueless.
    This will probably take at least an intermediate skill level with Access to fix it.

    It you have Windows 7 Pro or higher, a quick fix is to set up XP mode. In XP mode install Acess 2003. This should run the database. This will buy you some time to get the database converted to run in Windows 7/Access 2010.
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