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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjimphelps View Post
    If I have only one drive on the IDE cable, I always set it to master. But I don't think it matters whether you use master or slave, when you have only one drive on the one cable. But if you have two devices on the same IDE cable, to keep them separate, one must be set to master and the other to slave, determined by the jumper on each device. And then the computer setup must match the way that you have set the jumper on each device.

    As an alternative to using "master" and "slave", you could use "cable select". But it is never clearly shown which drive is master and which is slave when you use "cable select"; but the words "master" and "slave" are clearly imprinted on the drive, so you can know with certainty which drive is which, if you set the jumper to "master" or "slave". That's the way I have always done it, because I like to know for certain what I am dealing with.
    To clarify... with IDE drives (and cables), you can either use 'cable select' for both drives and cables that support 'auto-configuration' or you can use manual configuration involving the use of 'jumpers' on the drives and position on the IDE cables. Automatic mix'n'match is not a possibility 'cos the IDE interface is not that intelligent.

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    When reading the instructions on the IDE hard drive I learned that the black connector on the IDE cable is Master and the gray one is Slave with the drives set to Cable Select. I had to connect the drive I wanted to boot from to the black (Master) connector so I first booted from my DVD drive to boot from my Windows 7 disk so as to run the Repair feature which enabled the IDE hard drive onto the boot menu which was what I have been trying to accomplish. And then I switched the two drives and booted from my IDE hard drive.

    Then I partitioned that drive and restored my Backup to the partition. This time it ran without problems so enabling the 8dot3 was the fix I needed so I thank you, Jim, for that clue.

    Next I have to copy from the restored backup to the SATA drive that I changed from 32-bit to 64-bit.

    After that (on the IDE hard drive) I plan to clear the new partition and expand the old one.

    All of that should complete the work on the old PC that I am giving to my niece and her to boys unless I find something to add to it from the two older PC's she gave me to work on.

    Then I can finally start working on the Dell XPS 8700 that I bought some months ago.

    Plus I have the two laptops and tablets they want me to fix.


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    I'm sure your niece will appreciate the computer.

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