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    Question How to display first item in a Word 2010 drop-down box

    OK....I have a WORD 2010 document with various DropDown boxes. On the "Document_Open()" sub-routine I need to fill certain DropDown boxes with items from a file. No problem with that. The issue I have is the DropDown box is in fact filled with the items from the file, but on the document the DropDown box field is blank. It only shows the entries when you click on the DropDown box.

    I can't figure out how in the Open_Document() sub routine to force the DropDown box to display the first item, so the field is not blank on the document.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob

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    Is this drop down box a Content Control? If so, the following might give you a clue
    Sub aa()
      With ActiveDocument.ContentControls(1)
        .DropdownListEntries.Add "hello mum"
        .DropdownListEntries.Add "hi dad"
        .Range = .DropdownListEntries.Item(1)
      End With
    End Sub
    On a vba userform you use the .ListIndex property eg.
    Me.ListBox1.ListIndex = 1
    although the first entry may be 0 because that list may be zero-based.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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