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Thread: Win 8.1 problem

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    Win 8.1 problem

    Running Win 8 Pro, 64 bit. On visiting the Windows Store (to obtain Win 8.1) I do not see the download option.

    I return to Windows 8 & run the updater. This has returned "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes." I have tried this exercise several times; each time yields the same result. I have used various repair apps etc to no avail.

    Is there another way to install Windows 8.1. My Windows 8 is the version that was sold to update Windows 7; it was early in the Windows 8.1 release cycle and was for $39. I downloaded the ISO & have a legitimate Product Key for it. My Windows 7 Pro was purchased as an OEM; I have an original DVD & a Product Key.

    I am hoping that there is a way to obtain/create (legitimately) a Windows 8.1 ISO that I can burn to a DVD & then install it as a clean install. If this is impossible, is there a way to shortcut re-installing Windows 7 Pro + SP 1 & 2, then Windows 8 & upgrading it to allow me (hopefully) to obtain Windows 8.1?

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