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    Excel 2010 - check boxes and option buttons move after save and re-open

    Please help...

    Using Excel 2010, I created a spreadsheet that includes check boxes and option buttons. When I save the document, everything looks fine, but when I re-open the document later, all the objects move to the upper left corner of the page.

    How can I get these objects to stop moving?

    Thank you!!!

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    Dear TMG9671

    If this workbook was created in an older version of Excel make sure you have converted it to an Excel 2010 xlsx or xlsm workbook.

    In addition, make sure the properties on the check boxes and option buttons are set to "Do Not Move or Size with Cells"

    The above should eliminate the problem. If not you may need to post the workbook so everyone in the Lounge can see the issue and hopefully find a work around.

    Hope this helps,


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