The Zune player on my old Windows 7 Phone, and laptop was pretty nice. Easy to use too. Playlists were a snap. Enter Xbox Music. What a mess trying to get my music playlists to sync from my laptop, to my Phone, and to my RT tablet, with the Xbox Music app I had downloaded from the Store. Playlists showed up, however better than 50% didn't have any music associated with them. Setting up a playlist on the phone was more of a chore than it was worth too.
Yesterday Microsoft unleashed Xbox video, and Xbox Music for the Windows 8 Phone. WOW! Although not perfect, I mean what really is, it is awesome. Now ALL of my music AND playlists from my laptop, SkyDrive, and my external harddrive are synced.
I probably won't subscribe to Xbox Music pass, because I just don't buy that much music, so the streaming music even though it is ad supported, works just fine for me.