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    Creating Labels in Outlook 2010 using the merge feature

    I am trying to create address labels from my contacts. My problem is that the City, State, Zip line is adding an extra space between it and the street address.
    Here is what I have done:

    Created a view in Outlook so that I can pull all of the addresses I want in a specific category. I select those addresses, then select Mail Merge.
    I choose labels from the dialog box then click ok and choose the label type I want.
    Once I get the main document and data source available I choose the setup button to lay out my label.
    I click the Insert Merge Field button and I choose Database Fields - Full name (hit enter), mailing address, then I select the fields and select the spacing before and after to 0. Then I close the window.
    I then click on update labels, then preview results.
    Everything looks fine except for the spacing between the street address and the city, state zip. It looks like this:

    Mary Smith
    123 Fourth Street

    Mayberry, Ohio 44094

    If I don't set the spacing before and after to 0, then I have more space between the name and the street address but not as much as you see here.

    Can you help me figure out how to stop this extra spacing?

    Thank you.


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    See if Make labels for a mass mailing helps.


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