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    Time increments?

    I want to have a scatter graph, with the time on the bottom, beginning at a specific hour, and each major increment, for X increments should be a whole time. For example, I want to start at 4 AM. I want the next major tick mark to be at 4:30 AM, and the next major tick mark at 5 AM.

    What are the rules for increasing time if I use the formatting option for the axis? What is 4 AM? What is 5 AM? What is 4:30?
    Bob Wall

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    Excel stores dates and times in units of days (the integer part is the number of days past Jan 1, 1900. The decimal portion is hours. 0 is Midnight, 0.5 is noon. 4AM = 4/24 = 0.16666666; 4:30 AM is 4.5/24 = 0.1875, 5AM = 5/24 = 0.20833333, etc. A half-hour is 0.5/24=0.020833333. You can format as H:MM for the time of day.


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