Yesterday I was looking at the Apps, and noticed that there were some apps listed in there with the word "Install" under them, and also there were some that simply said "New". of those that said new all or almost all appeared under Administrative tools or something along side that category so I'm assuming that those came from the Microsoft updates. Those that say install, have me befuddled though. The one (inrix) that is showing in the attached screenshot I have on my Windows Phone 8, and even had it way back on my Windows 7 Phone. Due to the nature of the tablet, I never even looked it up to install.
I at first thought that they maybe were the apps that showed up in the "Picks for You" but ruled that has been ruled out.

So why are apps appearing asking me to install, and how can I stop that.

Thanks And Merry Christmas All

John in AZ where the high today will be a balmy 70 degrees F