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    Question Macrium Standard vs Marcium Pro

    I have a Windows 7 Dell desktop and a Windows 7 Lenovo laptop. Both a little over a year old.

    For clarification purposes, would the benefit of purchasing Pro version of Macrium mean that I can redeploy an image to a totally different system? For instance, if I install a new hard drive, I would benefit from Pro in this case, correct?

    If I'm going to pop for the software, I want to ensure I purchase the best version for my needs.

    The build-in Windows 7 backup/imaging is flakey. I'd be more comfortable with Macrium.

    Thank you most kindly.


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    Just to restore to a different HD in the same machine would work perfectly fine with the free version.

    However, to restore to what Windows would consider a "new" machine (say a new video card & HD or a new Motherboard) you would need the PRO version for that.

    I used Macrium Free for several years and finally purchased several copies when a good price came along because I figured they deserved my support. YMMV. HTH
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    Yes, that's why I purchased ToDo Workstation (which includes similar dissimilar hardware restore feature), specifically to greatly simplify the whole image making process over many systems. I've restored the same two images (one XP, one Win7) to approximately 30 completely different systems. Once in a while it took a little extra work to get them going if I were transferring from a normal drive to an aligned SSD, but for the most part, it has gone swimmingly. The technology works!

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