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    System running very slowly

    I have never encountered this before - have been using Windows defrag forever with no problems. But recently it is not defragging up to 88 files - no matter how many times I run it. System is running horribly. I need to shut down Chrome about every half hour! The only new thing that may be effecting this is that the old Registry Mechanic that I had installed is now obsolete and PC Tools has discontinued support of the entire brand. So, do I need a new registry cleaner in order to defrag my hard drive?

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    I think you need to start your own thread rather than just continuing this old one.

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    if you made the mistake of compressing instead of defragging ever
    then it will run slow forever

    you do not defrag with a registry cleaner

    make sure all other software is off before you start
    ALL of it
    even the hidden nonsense that ms likes to run to 'help' you

    then run the real defrag program from windows not some 3rd party one

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    Cleaning your registry isn't all that bad an Idea, but it hardly ever effects the speed that the computer will run.
    That should be left to the people who really know what they are doing.

    There are people that NEVER run a registry cleaner or even DEFRAG their hard drives and still they run great!

    The first thing I do, when getting a call about a PC that's running REAL slow, is to clean out all the temp files and other garbage files from the HD. Removing over 100,000 garbage files is nothing new to me at all.

    It does you no good to do a defrag if all you're doing is re-arranging JUNK. The HD must be thoroughly Cleaned first.
    and all the junk files, completely Removed!

    We've discussed this in great detail, time after time, in other threads so I'm not going to repeat it all here. Search, for HD cleaning.

    It might take me two or three hours, to fix your PC, but HD cleaning is the first step.
    Then scan for and remove, Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Tracking Cookies and History.

    Without the right AV and AS software, your PC might just be horribly Infected.
    I see that all the time, on PC's where the user thinks that they have protection, but they never update their software or run scans.

    Good Luck!

    The Doctor
    Experience is truly the best teacher.

    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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    It's never a good idea to use some tune up program to clean your registry as they are indiscriminate and can hose your system and as the Dr has said, any cleaning should be left to those who know what they are cleaning.

    Using the free version of CCleaner at the end of each session as advised in will remove the clutter and help with performance and a regular scan with the free version of MBAM and AdwCleaner will help to keep your system clean of infections and adware.

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    What size is the drive and how much free space do you have?

    The biggest problems occur on smaller drives with little free space left. To defrag a large file, you need contiguous free space that is greater than that file's size.

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