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    Bare metal means restoring an image to a system other than the one it came from, more specifically, it means restoring with a different motherboard as the destination; the image has drivers for the motherboard it came from, not the one it's going to in a bare metal restore, so it's a more advanced procedure.

    All imaging/restore software should have the generic USB 2.0 USB drivers required to access; not all or few will have USB 3.0 drivers so perhaps that is what was meant (restoring over USB 3 would be much faster and therefore desirable).

    Only the basic clone or disk image/restore (depending on if you can hook up the destination drive at the same time or not) is needed to go from a smaller to larger drive. The new drive needs to be initilized so it is recognized but that's all.
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    my cousin wants to replace his 40GB hard drive with a 500GB hard drive on his laptop
    The drivers you require are for the disk controller, not the hard drive. Swapping the new drive in and then booting from the restore CD will allow you to restore the image without any issues.

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