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    Cool Loss of video sound after Windows update

    Hi guys, newbie here.....

    Using Vista Home Premium with SP2 and have kept up with all updates via Windows Updates automatic updating....not too smart I have been reading.

    Anyways, a recent update shut down the sound to all my videos kept on my computer, YouTube videos, and pretty much all internet videos shown on webpages although a few of those sound comes out but its "scrambled" and distorted. CD/DVDs work fine with no problem with the sound so I don't believe its a hardware problem.

    A quick reversal using an earlier restore point and everything works fine, which is why I have come to the conclusion that something in Windows Update was the culprit. However, uninstalling the 7 "important" updates and 7 "optional" updates one at a time and restarting my computer each time....a very tedious process...and I was unable to pinpoint exactly which update was causing the problem.

    After restoring to an earlier point again wherein none of the updates previously mentioned had been installed, I started to install them one at a time....again, a very tedious process. Again, I was not confident that I figured out exactly which update is causing the problem. The important updates are all "security" updates of which I think the "Cumulative Security Update KB 2898785" released on 12/10/13 is the culprit however I haven't read on the internet anyone else having problems with it. I have disabled the automatically install option of WU so I can use my computer again.

    So I'm posting this to find out if anyone else is having a similar problem and what they did about it. Also, I'm wondering why a security update would mess around with the sound on Vista....doesn't seem like an obvious choice when troubleshooting. Lastly, how "important" really is this particular my 'puter vulnerable.

    The other 7 "optional" updates had to do with a malicous software removal tool which when installed by itself did not cause the sound issue, and .NET Framework 4 updates but again they did not cause the problem to occur when installed individually.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    December's KB2887069 for Win 7 had caused problems which included knocking off audio and may have been the cause of your problem in Vista as well, as this was an across the board security update.

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