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    Audio/video ad pop ups

    I'm not sure where this question properly belongs. SInce the pop up/irritant occurs in a web browser (in my case CHrome or Firefox) I'm placing it here. ALL of a SUDDEN, a video will start advertising "whatever"! ...or just audio alone, advertising something. It interferes with whatever one is doing at the time, it is startling; what if you wanted to run your computer with little or no sound...maybe to not wake up the house? Where is this coming from? I first thought it was a bot somewhere but manually searching and running Malware Bytes I've found no source. It used to be that the ad would start if you accidently ran your mouse across it. Now it justs runs when it feels like it and many times one can't control the sound voilume until after the ad...unless of course you mute the whole system. My family has inherited this crap and are bugging me for answers. This has got to be the biggest irritant yet devised by those greedy deviants with that as their sole purpose in life. I suspect there isn't an answer??? Surely, I'm not the only one in 317 million US people that this bothers and surely, by now, my wizard colleagues out there have come up with a product or answer to at least allow us to control these cancers? I sincerely appreciate any and all responses. Thanks!

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    In my case with Internet Explorer I turned off Active X to prevent that from happening...
    You could look for a way to turn it off....I'm not that familiar with those browsers.
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    Try installing 'Adblock Plus' to the Firefox add-ons extensions. Can get it as a standalone program which is better to protect more browsers from Advert popups.

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