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    Setting Many Tab Contrls, T Farrington

    How do you set tab controls to a form, so that the tabs (5 all together) hold information from an existing table?

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    Re: Setting Many Tab Contrls, T Farrington

    I presume you are using the Microsoft Tab control that comes with Access 97 and Access 2000.

    In that case, you decide how you want to display info on the tabs, and then position the controls (text boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, or whatever) on the tab you want the information displayed. Any data you want to display must be a part of the data source for the form it is embedded on, whether that is a table or a query, or it must be a calculated value.

    Just in case you were thinking of trying to use information from a data source as the text that is displayed at the top of the tab, that would some significant VBA code if you want it to be dynamic. The text displayed is set using the Caption property of each page in the tab control. (You click on the edge of the tab control to select and set its properties, while you click on the tab to select each individual page and set its properties.)

    All in all it's one of the coolest form controls (along with the TreeView and ImageList ActiveX controls) available to Access developers. There is quite a bit of useful help in Access 2000 if you search for tab control - hope this gets you started using it.

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