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    I've got one for you!

    So I've tried to find an answer to this but honestly I'm not even sure how to search for it because it's hard to describe in only a few words so I'm hoping a few more words will get my point across and someone will have an answer. I've been looking for one for a LONG time on this.

    When I search for something in say Google search using IE9 10 or 11. My search obviously brings up a page with a list of search results. If I right click one of the results, I'm expecting to see "Open in New Tab". I like to open a few of the search results in multiple tabs so I can go through them one at a time and close them one at a time and then move to the next page. Anyway, upon the initial search, if I right click a link "Open in new tab" is not available in the right click menu. Only open in new window is. When I choose that it opens the link in the page that is showing me all of the results. Now the kicker. If I click the back button to go back to the search results page and THEN right click, The Open in new tab" option is there. So to summarize. I have to do a search, click any link on the results page, then hit the back button and then when I right click on any link on the result page, the New Tab option is there. Everyone with windows and IE should be able to reproduce the situation because it happens on every computer I try it on and its frustrating. And yes I know I can hold the Ctrl key to open in new tab or lick the middle mouse button on a link to open in new tab. I want to know why the option is not available on first search results page visit and only when I go back to the page a second time is it available. Its related to either IE or Windows, not Google because it happens on any first page visit. I hope I'm wrong but I'll bet nobody here can answer this for me? If someone can give me a definitive reason or even better a way to change this behavior, then I would have to proclaim them and consider them a master windows genius. Thank You

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    When you go Tools - Internet options under the General tab and click on the Tabs button, do the settings display as in mine ?

    You could also hit the Reset defaults button to see if that restores the option.


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    Just out of curiosity..... you're still using 'Internet Exploder' why?

    It was deemed unsafe, decades ago!!! MS can't even fix it, although they keep trying.

    Just curious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrWho View Post
    Just out of curiosity..... you're still using 'Internet Exploder' why?

    It was deemed unsafe, decades ago!!! MS can't even fix it, although they keep trying.
    They succeeded. Internet Explorer has been the safest browser for years:

    Internet Explorer 8 Is The Safest Browser Among Firefox, Chrome And Safari

    IE 9 anti-malware kingpin in browser face off

    Internet Explorer 10 Reigns Supreme in Browser Safety Test

    IE11 keeps you safer online


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