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    Pivot Table Help

    Hi, please see the attached. I have attempted to explain the solution I am looking for in the text box on the worksheet.
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    I think the easiest solution is to you will need to modfy the pivot to include a column of "Type G/L" which has the Label like "Original" and "Proposed".

    This would require creating a column and marking all as "original" (I did it in Col W), then in Col X you can create another new column of "All G/L" (you can change the names as desired) with a formula in X2 of:

    This can be copied down the column.

    Then you need to copy all the rows of the table and append it to the bottom of the current data. Then in Col U, make all the newly added rows have "Proposed".

    Then create the pivot using the "Company" and "All G/L" as row labels, "Type G/L" as a column label and use the "Sum of client_total" as the Values. Outside the pivot you can then create your column of differences.

    I have attached a modified workbook with these changes.

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