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    how to insert data in Word Template using userform

    hi to all

    am new to VBA in word, i had create user-form in word for data inserting. when i submit the data, the data is not overwriting , due to this my word alignment changed. how to over come this?

    Here is my code
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim Name As Range
    Set Name = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("GreetName").Range
    Name.Text = Me.Gname.Value
    Dim Address As Range
    Set Address = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("ToAdd").Range
    Address.Text = Me.Taddress.Value
    Dim dt As Range
    Set dt = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Date").Range
    dt.Text = Me.TDate.Value
    Dim Ref As Range
    Set Ref = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Ref").Range
    Ref.Text = Me.TRef.Value
    Dim Posi As Range
    Set Posi = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Position").Range
    Posi.Text = Me.CPosition.Value
    Dim CTCF As Range
    Set CTCF = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("CTCfig").Range
    CTCF.Text = Me.CTCFig.Value
    Dim CTCW As Range
    Set CTCW = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("CTCText").Range
    CTCW.Text = Me.CTCWord.Value
    End Sub
    Thanks for advance
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    Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster.

    You can control the Overtype/Insert option via:
    Options.Overtype = True (Turn On - Overtype) or False (Turn Off - Insert)

    In your code I would advise:
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
           Dim bCurrentOTMode  as Boolean
           bCurrentOTMode = Options.Overtype
           Options.Overtype = False   'Turn Insert On
           '*** Note: I took the liberty of simplifying the code here ***
            With ActiveDocument
                    .Bookmarks("GreetName").Range.Text = Me.Gname.Value
                    .Bookmarks("ToAdd").Range.Text = Me.Taddress.Value
                    .Bookmarks("Date").RangeText = Me.TDate.Value
                    .Bookmarks("Ref").RangeText = Me.TRef.Value
                    .Bookmarks("Position").Rangei.Text = Me.CPosition.Value
                    .Bookmarks("CTCfig").Range.Text = Me.CTCFig.Value
                    .Bookmarks("CTCText").Range.Text = Me.CTCWord.Value
            End With   'ActiveDocument
            Options.Overtype = bCurrentOTMode  'Return to original mode
    End Sub
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