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    Dell Studio 15 wont start, keeps running same start screen over & over??

    My Dell Studio 15 when I push the ON button begins to start up and when the dark screen with the small blue squares and the F2-safe mode on bottom right of screen appears I see the blue squares scrolling along in it's horizontal line then,, screen goes black again and restarts with same screen over and over, not sure what to try first. my laptop started acting weird and taking longer and longer to open a web page and I could hear the hard drive running fast like it was working on something else and it would take forever to open anything, then this happened, I run AVG anti-virus and windows essentials also but wasn't warned of anything ??

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    Is this XP trying to start? Have you tried starting in safe mode? If it does start in safe mode, switch right to system restore mode and go back a few days before this happened. Sudden progressive degrading performance could also mean some hardware component is failing, so is the system all backed up in case more drastic measures are needed? If not, you'll have to try a Linux boot disc maybe and use the file explorer to get all your data off to a thumb or USB drive if possible before exploring further options.
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