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    Mixing CD tracks to make new CD

    Not sure if this is the place to ask, but there always seems to be someone in the Lounge who knows the answer. I'd like to string tracks from a few of my CDs and burn them to a new disk. The object of the exercise is to have some soothing music as a background at a cremation ceremony without the interruptions between tracks, just have one fade into the next. I don't think there's any copyright issue, I own the CDs, and it'll only be used once at a private ceremony.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi David,
    Play them using your player of choice, then use Audacity to record what you want.
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    RIP the CDs with the tracks on them using Windows Media Player. This process will extract the tracks from the CDs, saving them to MP3 format.

    Once you have extracted all desired tracks, copy the ones you want into a new folder, and then burn the contents of that folder to an audio CD.

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    you need a program to take the pcm file off the cd and make them wav files on your pc
    then use something like audacity (free) to put the items you want together
    and create fades

    you can make one long track

    or you can just sequence the ones you want to make a new cd
    the cd player will play them continously but you could jump right to a song or skip or repeat

    one long track would only play the whole track once

    audacity is easy and free
    there is a cheap book if you need more than their online instructions

    ripping is unclear
    i though cdex woudl do that
    and it does
    but i dont see how to save them to process in audacity right now

    so google for a ripper program that will take the cd and hand you wav files you can save
    and use the wav files in audacity

    compiling that for your own use is certainly fair use
    using it at a cremation ceremoney is technically a copyright violation
    chances are very small but not zero that you would get caught and fined a big bunch
    on the other hand they usually go after bars and restaurants that play cds and make them buy a license
    there might not, but check a lawyer, be any way they could get you to pay up for that sort of usage
    but if the funeral home did it then they might be at risk more than you would be.

    if you use mp3s then you have to diddle audacity with plugins as they cannot license mp3 support so as to include it native. not that big a deal but another big step. far easier to use wav files all the way through.

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    You can use almost any free movie editor to do this. I use windows movie maker.

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    The newest version of Audacity lets you capture most sounds from your computer. If you save the results in Audacity's native format you will wind up with very large files. But you can export the captured sounds to mp3 files in Audacity, which are much smaller.

    Audacity appears to be a daunting program at first, but it works quite well once you get the hang of it. The help system is excellent and, as someone has already mentioned, there are books out about the program.


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