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    USBs don't connect at startup

    I have a Tripp Lite USB KVM switch and an external backup drive (Seagate 1T if it matters.) When I start up Windows 7, the USB KVM switch sometimes fails to connect both the keyboard and mouse, about 10% of my startups. Sometimes it is one, sometimes the other. I noticed that if my USB external drive is connected, Win7 seems to hang up during startup. The CPU hard drive light is on constantly, and I hear a hard drive running which is odd. I boot from my silent SSD. I think Win7 is looking at a hard drive for something that is not there. Suggestions?

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    If your BIOS has the option of Legacy USB support, disabling it could resolve the hang when your external HDD is connected but the downside of that is that your USB keyboard and mouse wouldn't work unless you reconnected them.

    If you do have that option then check to see if you have an Auto option.

    Philomel has posted in another thread dealing with this sort of freeze that there is an infection going round that can cause this which has a phone home backup.

    Downloading and running the free version of MBAM in Safe Mode with Networking on a full scan may get rid of it or you may also need something like Eset's Free Online Scan.

    Both of these will take some time to complete, but they may be worth running.

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