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    GUID V/S NTFS format

    Ok it finally happened old HD died I have a good iso image and want to switch to GUID format to take advantage of drives bigger than 2 Tb. my OS is 64 bit my hardware is 64 bit compliant the motherboard uses the uniform extensible instruction set instead of the old standard BIOS so in theory I shloud be able to install either win 7 or 8 as GUID on the SSD used as C: however both OS' s insist on NTFS on install; how do I nondestructivly go from NTFS to GUID? Thanks Phil.

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    I'm pretty sure it's only destructive because the only way to switch between the two is when the disk is unallocated. My advice is don't bother on an SSD, keep it NTFS and just make any disks you have larger than 2.2 terabytes GPT type. Unless you really can't live without Safe Boot or something like that. Otherwise it's a bit tricky getting a GPT disk to work when installing W7 64-bit. I leave that to those more experienced there if you insist.

    edit: yes, I omitted MBR NTFS, trying to do too many things at once I guess (8 computers going (not including this snappy little VM of ME) and I'm trying to keep them ALL busy!)
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    NTFS/GPT is like Apples/Oranges.

    GPT replaces MBR (Master Boot Record) as a disk partitioning method where as NTFS is a formatting method like FAT32.

    A bigger problem I see is the restoring of your image file. I've never tried restoring an Image taken on MBR to a GPT disk. Maybe someone who knows a little more about this facet of the process can chime in here. HTH
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