There's a well known problem affecting SOME CHrome users. Imagine you are on a corporate hiring site. You go to upload your resume. CRASH!

Or you want to email a file via GMAIL in Chrome. Pick the file, try to proceed with sending it, and CRASH!

Some downloads do it to.

Now you go to reopen Chrome (V30, 32, etc.). Often (not always), you get a message saying you can't open your profile, and all you can do is the old wait, report, or close. You 'kill' all Chrome processes - except one won't be killed. You have to reboot if you want back into Chrome.

This has been reported many times to Google. I was even told by their support that the file problem which leads to the crash had been fixed. It hasn't.

So I'm wondering if anyone here has any workarounds of any sort to avoid the problem or get back in following a crash. Remember there are 2 main bugs here; the file uploading or downloading, and the inability of the 'master' process to close itself.