I was trying the Kaspersky Rescue CD 10.0 as a stand-alone anti-malware tool as recommended by Fred Langa. I do like it, but recently well into a scan the scanner started mysteriously crashing. The scanner window vanished and the problem was otherwise reported as a "malfunction" with no useful details. This did not bring down the overall Kaspersky system that had been booted. The scanner could be restarted without rebooting, but the crash would recur. Eventually by scanning increasingly small parts of my drive, I found that the problem was with the file tbosdt in: C:\Program Files (x86)\TeraByte Unlimited\TeraByte OSD Tool Suite Pro\linux. This file is actually a linux file, which may in part explain the effect, as the Kaspersky Rescue CD uses Linux. However, the Avira Rescue CD, which also boots Linux, does not have a problem with this file. Since I don't really use this Terabyte Unlimited tool suite (which came with another Terabyte Unlimited product), I just encrypted the problematic file (using the built-in Windows encryption). The Kaspersky scanner then ignores it and the scan completes normally.